Please help support your local hospice through the Coronavirus crisis.

The spread of Coronavirus and the measures put in place mean that Dove House Hospice cannot fundraise in the way needed in order stay afloat.

As people self-isolate and increase social distancing less and less customers visiting the charity shops, fundraising events have been postponed or cancelled and Lottery sign-ups have reduced.

It is likely that Dove House will lose around £15,000 per day during this time – that’s around £500,000 per month.

What impact will this have on Dove House Hospice? 

Losing this amount of income would mean the hospice may not be able to care for as many local families who need care in the future. It may mean the services offered to people facing the most difficult days would be reduced and that not everyone who needs hospice care in Hull and East Yorkshire will be able to receive it.


These are unprecedented times and we cannot predict what may happen next, and what the long-term impact will be. 

Dove House needs you now more than ever to survive.


Please donate today to ensure that your local hospice is here for the people of Hull and East Yorkshire well into the future.

 You will be helping to ensure that every family who turns to Dove House gets the full range of help and support that the hospice is renowned for providing.

You will make sure local people are given the best possible care when there is no cure.

Thank you for your support.

Dove House Hospice

Dove House Hospice is a charity providing excellent palliative care for people in the local community with life limiting illnesses. We offer physical, social and psychological therapies, which place the patient, not simply the illness, at the centre of everything we do. Every day we help patients and their loved ones at what can be one of the most difficult times in their lives. All our services are free of charge and with annual costs of £8.23 million we rely on the generosity and support of the local community to continue our unique service to those that need it.

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